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Alexander Terrell, Entrepreneur, Business Owner of Wide-Open Services and now Author of my first Non-Fiction book. Alexander Terrell went to school in Richmond County and dropped out in the 11th grade. Later he went back to school and attained a G.E.D. and then went to college, at University of Phoenix, where he is currently studying to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Alexander Terrell was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia where he soon learned that life’s lessons don’t come easy and they can’t be told to you; neither can they be taught to you. But the best lesson ever that has been known to man or woman is life experiences itself. After experiencing a life of crime, drugs, and felony time in a state prison Alexander soon realized that there was going to be one or two things that would happen to him if he didn’t change (lifetime sentence, or death). After realizing the mistakes that were taking a toll on his life Alexander Terrell then found Salvation and begin to change his life for the better.